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#Ya Dig!? We Dig!.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

One of my favorite aspects of #cigarlife is the differences with all my #botl and #sotl.

When I stepped out into this journey, the first thing I noticed was how very friendly and chill #cigarlovers are.

Pitch night for MojoSmoke was nerve-wracking; but I held on to that feeling... chill. I began my pitch with a poem, that I feel describes us all perfectly!

Motto by the innovator, literary artist, poet, Langston Hughes.

I play it cool and Dig all Jive that's why I stay alive.

My Motto

as I Live and learn

Is Dig


be Dug in return.

So when we ask you if #YaDig...I already know you do. We Dig you too!


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